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Everyone's voice deserves to be heard - If you live, work, or own a home or business in Tillamook County then you could be impacted by the new STR rules & regulations in unincorporated Tillamook County. Property rights are at stake for everyone. 

There are many different ways to be involved:​

  • Sign up for our email list to stay up to date: sign up

  • Follow our public Facebook page for updated information

  • Join this private Facebook group for STR Owners and Managers in Tillamook county​ 

  • Email with questions

  • Join our Zoom calls

Oregon Coast Hosts is truly a grassroots organization. We are entirely run by volunteers and approximately 90% of our donations are from individual homeowners who support STRs. In addition to the hundreds of donors who have supported our efforts, we would like to recognize and thank the property management companies who have donated at a local level to support their Tillamook County employees and homeowners - Thank you!

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