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The mission of Oregon Coast Hosts is to advocate for local vacation rentals, promote the benefits of tourism, and preserve property rights to protect access to the Oregon Coast for everyone


Oregon Coast Hosts is an alliance of homeowners & local businesses who support tourism while advocating for a balanced perspective that meets mutual goals for the greater community.  We are committed to finding balanced policies for short-term rental homes that preserve community livability and ensure the responsible growth of this industry.

Tillamook County has deep roots in tourism, and short-term rentals (STRs) are a vital part of our local economy. Guests support local businesses & owners engage a vast number of service providers who live locally in our community, and along the coast. Tillamook County doesn’t merely welcome visitors, it relies on visitors and their support.  


Tillamook County added new STR regulations in July 2023. Oregon Coast Hosts welcomed this conversation, and participated throughout the public process. We care deeply about this community, and believe smart regulations can both preserve livability and ensure the responsible growth of this industry. We advocate for policies that are balanced, data-driven, and durable. We are committed to finding shared solutions that avoid divisive fights that have mired solutions in neighboring counties, unfortunately we cannot support the approved regulations. 


OCH advocates for the following:

  • Adopt evidence-based & balanced regulations, backed by enforcement

  • Allow current STR permit holders to maintain permits & do not replace with "STR Licenses"

  • Preserve transfer rights for current STR permit holders as required by state law

  • If a growth management cap is created, then consider allowing 2% annual STR increase per community with review after 3 years

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We had hoped to impact change before the new STR ordinance was approved, and we fully participated throughout the public process. In 2022 & 2023, hundreds of Tillamook County homeowners promoted balanced regulations that both respect personal property rights and support our community as a whole. Unfortunately, in July 2023 Tillamook County approved a new STR ordinance which removed property rights and over-regulates STRs. This new ordinance is currently being litigated with support from Oregon Coast Hosts. Please join us with your contribution of financial support. These funds will support ongoing STR advocacy and litigation efforts.


Not sure how much to contribute?  We welcome any amount, high or low, as collectively every bit helps. 

  • $500 per permit suggested donation is equal to roughly one hour of legal consultation

  • An amount equal to a weekend stay at your STR

  • An amount commensurate with $100 per occupant in line with your maximum occupancy

  • Businesses are welcome to donate with a value reflective of their support of STRs

  • A recurring monthly donation equal to one night's stay at your STR


Some may give more, and some may give less, but we all have the same goal which is to protect our property rights & ability to welcome visitors to the Oregon Coast. In addition to our legal team, we have a score of volunteers who have been consistently working behind the scenes to gather data, analyze regulations across the US, and engage our community in having their voices heard. Our STR advocacy is ongoing, and continued financial support via donating is essential for our path forward. 

Ways to Donate:

  • Click the DONATE button below to send a contribution through PayPal

  • In person at any Oregon Coast Bank branch

  • Mail a check made out to "Oregon Coast Hosts"

    • OCH c/o Kiwanda Coastal Properties​

    • PO Box 36

    • Pacific City, OR 97135

Oregon Coast Hosts EIN: 92-1843451

Contributions to 501(c)(4) organizations generally MAY be deductible as trade or business expenses, if ordinary and necessary in the conduct of the taxpayer's business.  Contributions are NOT deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax income purposes.  Please check with your tax advisor.  

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